2018-09-06 / Life in Leelanau


Having a conversation with Ray Mulliner

Name: Ray Mulliner

Town or township of residence: Cleveland Township, across the road from Little Traverse Lake.

Resident of county since: Since 1970; I was gone for six years for Florida, but who’s keeping track? My parents moved there while I was in the middle of high school.

Age and birthplace: I just turned 54. Birth place is Flint.

Occupation: Dairy supervisor, Tom’s Food Markets, at the West Bay store, and part-time press operator for the Enterprise.

Marital status: Single, with a 14-year-old daughter, Chelsea Rae, who attends Prattville Christian Academy in Prattville, Ala.

You live in Leelanau County because: I like to fish, it’s always been home and obvious reasons like my brothers are here and it’s one of the most beautiful places in the country.

Last good movie you saw: The Zookeeper’s Wife, about Nazi occupied Poland. They came in and took over the Warsaw Zoo and the zookeeper’s wife hid Jewish citizens to protect them from the Nazis. It’s based on a true story.

Last good book you read: “The President Is Missing,” by Bill Clinton and James Patterson. I’m not a fan of politics, but if one is, it’s a must read.

If you could trade places with one person for a day, who would that be: I’ve got to go with Jimmy Houston. His faith is very important to him. He makes a living out of fishing, but he doesn’t take himself too seriously. I got to meet him at East Bay Calvary Church about 10 years ago and it was pretty cool.

Things important to you that you have accomplished so far: My daughter would be first. Having an intelligent, kind and loving daughter. I’ve been 36 years in the printing business, and still going. Being able to fish all this beautiful water in the county and northern Michigan.

What you hope to be doing in 10 years: Just being healthy and living life.

Things you lose sleep over: Everything. I had a good night’s sleep last night, but often I wake up and start thinking about everything, and it’s difficult to get back to sleep.

If you could change one thing in Leelanau County, it would be: Tourism is getting to be a challenge. I enjoy quiet places, and I don’t want us to lose them.

Favorite dessert: Any good cake and peanut butter cookies. I sometimes make them, but not very often. Break and bakes in the refrigerated section. You just throw them in the oven.

Are you a coffee drinker: Oh, yea. Absolutely. Medium roast, black.

Favorite place in Leelanau County: Lime Lake, for one. It’s my home lake, and I’ve fished it my whole life.

If you have more time, you would: Visit my daughter more often.

The words that best describe you are: Patient, reliable and I enjoy solitude.

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