2018-09-06 / Letters

Vote for dems or become ‘Trump enablers’

To the editor:

To All Who May Vote in November.

As we enter the fall election period, I would like to comment on the current situation. I have been a registered Republican since 1972. Gerald R. Ford and David Camp were two of my favorite congressmen who had high moral standards. Now we are in a crisis of moral corruption in the Republican Party. Two candidates running are Trump enablers, one for congress and one for state senator, based upon their public remarks and campaign literature. Each man has fine credentials but is intimidated by the party leaders.

We cannot continue in a morally corrupt state that is like the corruption faced by the Catholic Church hierarchy, and college administrators with their sports programs, e.g., MSU, OSU, and Penn State.

Voters, you have a choice-either vote for Trump enablers or send a message that the current trajectory is unacceptable.

Mary Tonneberger

Omena Point


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