2018-09-06 / Letters

To Munson nurses’ union: Stick to the issues

To the editor:

Last year the nurses at Munson Medical Center voted to be represented by a union and to address their economic and non-economic issues through collective bargaining. Affiliating with a union provides the nurses with negotiating experience. It also brings a third party to the table.

Munson’s nurses and management have different views on compensation and work rules but they both understand how important Munson is to our region. They do not want these negotiations to undermine the quality and integrity of the institution that they both work every day to build and maintain.

The appearance of yard signs and an unfair labor practice filing are troubling indications that the union may feel that attacking Munson will strengthen their position in negotiations. However, attacking the institution rather than the issues is a losing proposition for everyone else. The nurses, the hospital and our entire community.

These are hard times in the healthcare business. The negotiations will be difficult as the hospital and the nurses struggle to stay competitive. However, as a community, we need to demand that both sides stick to the issues. Munson and its reputation are too important a community asset to be undermined as a part of a negotiating strategy.

David Hunter

N. Manitou Trail


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