2018-09-06 / Letters

Candidate embodies fairness, justice

To the editor:

On Nov. 6, vote for Marian Kromkowski for Leelanau County Probate Judge.

Several years ago, I attended a public meeting Marian Kromkowski moderated. Those in attendance spoke with conviction. The debate grew heated. Throughout, Marian moved calmly from speaker to speaker, sharing the microphone in her hand. She ensured every voice was heard; every position was articulated; and every speaker was respected.

Marian embodies fairness and justice in action. Her leadership is exemplary. Her legal and court experience span nearly 40 years. She is singularly well-qualified to serve as our Judge of Probate. Vote Marian Kromkowski on the non-partisan ballot.

Joan Hunault

Deer Path Trail

Suttons Bay

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