2018-05-10 / Letters

Is it Amazon or a pole barn?

To the editor:

For the past two years I have followed a very disturbing situation less than a mile from my home on S. Dune Hwy. The situation was outlined in your paper last week pertaining to zoning rules that allowed a neighbor to construct a 4,000 square foot pole barn on residential property making it look like Amazon set up a warehouse down the street!

Not only does something need to be done about this monstrosity, but we need to be responsible citizens to this beautiful land and prevent this from happening again. Accessory buildings should be linked to the size of the lot and the size of the primary building to its outbuildings.

To our township officials: as a concerned citizen and taxpayer I ask that you do the right thing to protect the land we are so privileged to live in and enjoy.

Beth Wierenga
6685 S. Dune Hwy

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