2018-02-08 / Letters

Trump’s judges won’t legislate from the bench

To the editor:

The Trump administration has more opportunity to fill the federal bench than his predecessor — double the amount of vacancies vs when Obama took office. The National Review founded by the great William F. Buckley has rated Trump’s applicants highly. The American Bar Association (ABA) rated four unqualified.

When you consider the fact 97 percent of the political contributions from the ABA go to the Democrat party — it’s apparent the ABA has become a liberal advocacy group. Who wants to put lifelong judgeships solely in the hands of a liberal advocacy group? Note: Republican presidents typically try to appoint judges who interpret the law, while Democrats cleverly appoint judges who legislate from the bench.

This gives additional power to the judicial branch and takes away power from the legislative branch, limiting the separation of powers outlined by our Constitution. This enables liberals to do an end-run around the will of the people. This is how authoritarian governments operate; they consolidate power, slowly take away your freedoms, and cramp their ideals and ideas down your throat.

Also, authoritarians would cheat an election process by allowing a DNC chairperson, Donna Brazille, to prematurely forward debate questions to Hillary Clinton. Or weaponize the IRS by allowing Lois Lerner to target conservative groups. In addition, they would allow Loretta Lynch of the DOJ to abdicate her duty prosecuting Hillary Clinton, having the FBI Director Comey to do their bidding, circumventing protocol — coincidentally botching the job.

A previous writer to the editor, John Hunter, showed concern about Trump electing unqualified judges an marching toward an authoritarian government. Perhaps he should stop legislating from the pulpit and trust the will of the people.

David A. Canfield
P. O. Box 837

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